Important Information!

Next week we are starting on some landscape work towards the back gate of the school. This is to clear the areas under the trees adjacent to the reception playground and replace the surface with an all-weather surface, which will be much more useful in school. This is being funded by the SPA and we are extremely grateful to all of you who help raise funds to make this sort of project viable.

However, it does mean there will be restricted access for a few days. Reception and Key Stage 2 can use the back gate as normal on Monday morning. From then on, until further notice, the back gate will remain locked and Reception and Key Stage 2 can access their playgrounds from the small middle gate leading on to KS1 playground. Reception parents can then take and collect their children by coming onto the playground and going into reception playground as normal.

Key Stage 2 children will go through the covered walkway and access their playground by going down the side of Redwood.

They leave by this gate at the end of the day anyway.

We anticipate the work lasting about 3 days but we will let you know when all access gates return to normal.

On Friday we expect work to be undertaken around the middle gate which will make this one inaccessible. Details of this, and how to access school will be made available as soon as we know.