Indoor athletics at the Priory

The indoor athletics team consisting of 13 girls and 14 boys competed in the first round of the Sports Hall Athletics last night. With some strong competition from larger schools like Pixmore we knew that it would be extremely competitive! Everyone did their best and really enjoyed the events for which they had been chosen to compete in.

   The boys started with their track events and the girls with their field events and then they swopped over. In the track events it is slightly easier to see how your team is doing but as there are two timed heats in each activity you never know how well you have done. In the jumps and throws, scores are recorded but the children are rarely told their position by the sports leaders who do the measuring.

  The final results were William Ransom fourth out of the seven schools competing in the first round. They were beaten by Ickleford, Our Lady and Pixmore. The William Ransom athletes now look forward to competing in the summer outside athletics at Hitchin Boy’s School.