Indoor Athletics – Willow Class

After a couple of weeks of honing their indoor athletics skills, Willow Class hosted their very own sports hall athletics competition over two PE lessons. 

First, the class were divided up into four teams.  They came up a team name and then worked together to decide who was going to take part in which event; everyone had to do at least 3 events each. 

Week 1 saw the teams compete against each other in the field events:  speed bounce, vertical jump, standing triple jump, standing long jump, chest push and foam javelin.    The scores were recorded and a point system devised by Mr Sears.

Week 2 began with only 6 points between first and fourth place so there was everything to compete for.  This time, the teams focused on two ‘up and under’ running races.  Everyone took part in all races and all teams ran against each other.  It was fantastic to see the children’s faces as they ran as fast as they could on the home sprint; such determination!   Finally, when all the scores were in, the results were announced.  

It was certainly a fun couple of weeks and the children showed fantastic sportsmanship.  They worked out strategies and tactics within their teams and supported  their teammates by cheering them on!