Information about The Orbit

The Orbit newspaper has been on and run by Mrs Stephenson for three years now. The group presents an issue to every pupil in the school every term.

This year’s group has just finished writing the first issue this academic year (the Christmas issue). They finished a couple of weeks ago. It will be ready by next week and presented on the last day of the term.

After the Christmas break they will start the spring issue. Currently the magazine is being printed and put together.

The new members of the Orbit have enjoyed their time in the Orbit and already have their badges.

The new members are…

1. Ilyssa Lacorte

2. Emma Watson

3. Ethan Bristow

4. James Leete

5. Feremy Olusanya

6. Isaiah Larmie

7. Ela Shibli

8. Alana Perry

Every member has been putting lots of effort into every article. We hope they keep it up for future issues to come.