Information from Mrs Driver

I am sure you will all be delighted to learn that Rory Alexander Mackilligan was born on Saturday 26th May 2014 at 6.40am weighing 7lbs and 10oz. Both Mother and Baby are doing very well and we send all the Mackilligans our love and best wishes!

You will remember that before half term I told you about our new project based upon Talk for Writing. The idea is to encourage and support the writing we are doing in school. This will involve us in having weekly ‘Talk Topics’. These topics are not intended to link to curriculum subjects they are to encourage children to develop opinions and to learn how to articulate their thoughts. We will explain how we see this working at the Parent Forum meeting tomorrow morning and then we will send home a separate ‘Information for Parents’ leaflet and hope you will join us in supporting all our children in their ‘talk for writing’.

Please remember it is the summer fete on Saturday 7th June 11.00am to 4.00pm. We hope that the sun will shine for us as this is our main fundraising of the year. Please come along and lend a hand on a stall if you have time or if not please come along and support the event. We have children dancing as well as our usual amazing array of activities and stalls. Our theme is ‘Carnival time’ so come along and get in the spirit and enjoy the day with us all.

The final uniform order for this academic year will be placed at the end of this week. All order forms need to be returned by Friday 6th June 2014. However there will be uniform shops held on Monday 9th June and Monday 7th July 2014 for people to buy the uniform currently in stock.

Our final Parent Forum for this year is being held tomorrow morning – 3rd June 2014 at 9.00am. Please feel free to come along and join us and discuss matters which are relevant to the whole school.

Please remember we have children in school with severe nut allergies. Please help us to keep the school a ‘nut free environment.’

If there is anything you wish to discuss with me, please do not hesitate to contact me. Yours sincerely

Mary Driver