Information from Mrs Driver

Thank you everyone who has made use of the On-line booking system for Parents Evening. After a few teething troubles it seems to have gone remarkably smoothly.

Just to remind everyone Parents Evening is on Wednesday 22nd October from 6.00 until 8.30pm and Thursday 23rd October from 4.00pm until 7.00pm. Class R are starting at 1.00 on Thursday.

This will be your opportunity to have a short private interview with your child’s teacher to discuss their academic progress. The interview will last between five and ten minutes. To be fair to all parents, particularly those towards the end of the sessions, it is important that we keep to these timings.

For parents of children who work with Mrs Mitchell in small group situations, if you would like an interview with her, she will be available on Thursday 23rd October between 4.00 and 7.00pm. I would ask that you contact the school office to make an appointment to see her.

We would ask that you wait outside your child’s classroom where your child’s books will be available. Class 3 and 3/4 parents will be in the hall and books will be available in the dining room.

I, of course, will be available on both evenings should you require a meeting.

Please note: We are unable to accommodate children in the School during Parents’ Consultations and they should remain at home.

Refreshments will be available on both occasions.

Mrs Hall will talk to the Y5 parents in 5/6 about their child’s progress in Maths and English and Miss Ayliffe and Mrs Wheat will talk to the parents of year 6 children in their own class about Maths and English. Where Maths is taught by the other teacher they will have all the necessary information.

Mrs Hall will be in the ICT Suite – year 5 books will be just outside the ICT Suite

I am sure parents of Class 5/6W are keen to know who will be covering for Mrs Wheat whilst she is on maternity leave. We are currently in the process of recruiting and I hope to be able to inform you about what is happening after half term.

We look forward to our discussions with you and to setting personal targets for your child’s future development.

Yours sincerely
Mary Driver