Information from Mrs Driver

Dear Parents,

Welcome back! Hasn’t it been lovely to see some sunshine throughout the holiday? I hope you have all had a lovely time! Hopefully the weather will continue to warm up and we will be able to enjoy a summer term full of all our usual outside activities!

There are lots of exciting projects planned for this term and we will keep you up to date with all the events on Twitter and on the school website. Please keep an eye on both of these to find out what is happening. Don’t forget we will also be using Twitter to remind you about club activities. We would also ask that you help us in trying to make your children more independent. Please encourage them to remember all their belongings for school, there shouldn’t be a need for parents to bring in PE bags!

Thank you to all of you who completed our online survey so far. It remains open until 22nd May 2015 so please take time to complete it. The data we receive is very useful in moving the school forward.

Once again we are collecting tokens through the various schemes – the Tesco and Sainsbury’s vouchers provide us with a whole host of new materials we would not otherwise be able to buy. Please accept any tokens for schools you are offered, we are bound to make use of them!

On the reverse of this newsletter you will see the dates known so far for the summer term. Please avoid any absences during term time, especially as we have so many public holidays at this time of year.

Please keep the fete date – 6th June 2015 – firmly fixed in your mind and watch out for the letters coming out asking for different items. This is our main fund raising event for the year and we do rely very heavily upon parental involvement. Speak to any member of the SPA if you would like to offer your services! However, before that on Saturday 25th April, we are participating in the Joint Schools Summer Fete held on Hitchin Town Market Place. Our school choir are singing at 11.00am and we are running the bowling alley so please come along and support us! It is open from 10.00am – 2.00pm.

Please ensure your children are in school on time in the morning. The gates open soon after 8.30am and the bell goes at 8.45am. Anyone after this time is seen as late. We know it is not always the pupils’ fault but we do feel that punctuality is an important life skill, so please help the children by making sure they are in school on time. Any late comers need to be signed in at the school office.

I look forward to welcoming you into school at one of the many events planned for the summer term and don’t hesitate to come in and see us if you have any concerns.

Yours sincerely
Mary Driver


20.4.15 – INSET Day – School closed to pupils
21.4.15 – Term begins 
23.4.15 – Interhouse Matches
25.4.15 – Joint Schools Fete Hitchin Market Place
29.4.15 – Health Evening for Parents
04.5.15 – May Day – School closed 
07.5.15 – Y6 School Journey Preview Meeting 8.00pm
08.5.15 – SPA Curry and Quiz Night
11.5.15 – Week of SATs for all Y6 pupils and Internal Assessments for all other KS2 classes. 
It is imperative that all pupils are in school all week. 
17.5.15 – School Journey – Sunday to Friday (18 – 22 May)      
20.5.15 – Class R to Shepreth Wildlife Park
25 – 29.5.15 – Half Term
01.6.15 – School starts again
02.6.15 – Class 3/4 to Pizza Express
04.6.15 – New Entrants Evening
06.6.15 – Summer Fete 
11.6.15 – Bags to School
12.6.15 – INSET DAY – School Closed to Pupils
15.6.15 – Y1 Phonics screening check – Y1 must be in school this week.
17.6.15 – New Entrants’ Afternoon  
19.6.15 – Sports Day: KS1 Morning KS2 Afternoon
21.6.15 – Lacrosse National Finals – Sheffield
23.6.15 – Reception and Year 6 photographs
24.6.15 – New Entrants’ Afternoon  
26.6.15 – Reserve Sports Day
30.6.15 – Reception & KS1 to Whipsnade Zoo
30.6.15 – Class 4/5 to Priory School
14/15/16.7.15 – Annie Performances     
21.7.15 – Barbecue for Years 5 and 6
22.7.15 – Term and Academic Year Closes