Information from Mrs Driver

At long last the first stages of our building expansion programme are about to start. The first thing we need is a temporary home for the 2 classes in our current mobile classroom. Over half term work will begin on building ‘new’ temporary classrooms! I am assured they will not be as permanent as our current ‘temporary’ mobiles, but that they will only be on site for as long as it takes to build our new expansion block.

However, there needs to be a certain amount of preparatory works done this week to ensure the site is ready to receive the new classrooms. Therefore from Wednesday 21st October, there will be no access for parents onto the playgrounds at the beginning and end of the day. The gates at the side of the school will be closed so access for the pupils will be as follows:

Class R will come into school through the side door into the reception classroom – not normally open!

Year 1 and Year 2 pupils will come in through the galvanised gates, into the reception playground. They will come straight into the main building and out onto the middle playground passed class 1/2.

All key stage 2 children can either come into the middle playground via the back gate, or from Holdbrook, along the disabled access path round the back of the school and up the stone steps by the back of the hall. There will be adult supervision here from 8.35am.

These access points are likely to be in place until about the 10th November when we will reassess how pupils can access the site. It is likely routes will change again once the major building work starts but we will endeavour to keep you informed at each stage!

I have had a number of very interesting conversations with a number of you regarding children bringing in sweets for their birthdays. As a ‘healthy school’ bringing sweets into school does not sit very comfortably with us. I discussed this with parents at our recent discussion group and we have agreed that from after half term, we will no longer allow children to bring sweets into school for their birthdays.

We will obviously still celebrate their birthdays and make a fuss of those involved, but we would ask that you do not send in sweets for the class. The children were all told this in assembly this morning, and whilst it was not one of my most popular decisions they did seem to understand the health benefits!

If you would like to discuss this with me, please do not hesitate to make an appointment and come and see me.

A message from the school office:
It would help us enormously if you could send in the correct money for any school trips and other things you pay for. We do not keep cash on site and therefore do not have a ready source of change! 

I look forward to seeing you in school at Parents Evening this week.

Yours sincerely

Mary Driver