Information from Mrs Driver

Building work 
Many of you have been asking me about the progress of the building work and I want to assure you that there is lots of work going on behind the scenes! There will be some initial ground works happening over half term and in early March we will see the access roads coming in and the removal of the old mobiles. We have managed to arrange to have a ‘live webcam’ showing on our school website and we are hopeful that this will ‘go live’ after half term so keep an eye on the school website! Intense building work will be undertaken during the summer term and we are still on course for our 60 reception children to move into the new building in September 2016. 

500 words competition
The children have all been given information about the BBC Radio 2 500 words competition. This is completely optional but it does compliment the work we have been doing in school on promoting writing across the school. The children will need your permission to submit their stories and they can also send us a copy using the email address given if they would like to. 

Please remember we are holding an e-safety evening on Thursday 25th February at 7.30. This is being run by Herts for Learning and will give parental advice on privacy settings. 

I am pleased to report that there has definitely been an improvement with parking recently. However, please remember the yellow lines and zig zags are there for a reason. DO NOT stop on these even for a short while. It is also important to remember that Stuart Drive is a two- way road and the residents will need to be able to drive along it away from the school. Could I also remind you to drive through the school grounds without stopping? 

We are still gradually going through many of our resources and it was lovely to see so many of you taking books during Parents’ Evening to support your child’s learning. There will be more to come so please watch out for tweets and messages coming home explaining what we have. 

Please remember if your child has suffered from any kind of vomiting bug, they must be absent from school for at least 24 hours. We do not want any bugs to spread and they all need time to recover. Could I also remind you that it is a parents’ responsibility to ensure all inhalers and epi-pens kept in school are ‘in date’?

Please remember we are a nut free environment so no products containing nuts must be brought into school. This includes contents of packed lunches especially peanut butter sandwiches! 

I hope you all have a lovely half term break and I look forward to welcoming you back into school on Monday 22nd February.

Yours sincerely
Mary Driver