Information from Mrs Driver

Suddenly we are here at the end of an extremely busy half term and I can’t believe how many wet playtimes we have had this half term! The weather has been atrocious but we have battled on and are now desperate for some signs of spring!

Could I remind you all to think about the neighbours in the immediate area of the school? I have had a number of complaints recently from local residents about their driveways being blocked and about children running across gardens. Could I also remind you to drive through the school without stopping? Please remember the yellow lines and zig zags are there for a reason. DO NOT stop on these even for a short while. It is also important to remember that Stuart Drive is a two-way road and the residents will need to be able to drive along it away from the school.

We have noticed one or two children still riding round the playground after the end of the school day on scooters and bicycles. As a safety measure, please do not allow your child to do this as there are so many people in the playground.

Looking ahead to next half term there are lots of exciting events planned for you and the pupils. We are holding our Book Characters Day on Thursday 6th March as part of World Book Day. On this day the children can come to school dressed as their favourite book character. This is completely optional and there is no charge for those who wish to participate. We hope that it will give us the opportunity to focus upon some of the characters in fiction. However, children must not regard this as the chance to simply ‘dress up’ or to not wear uniform. If children do not wish to participate, they wear school uniform. I do hope that this idea will not cause too many undue family arguments or pressures put upon you to make elaborate costumes! We simply wanted to find a way to make the children think about the books they have read and to help them to enjoy some of our classical literature.

Some of our older pupils have two different events coming up. The Y5 Recycled Fashion Club will be presenting their creations on the Cat Walk at the Fashion Show at St Christopher’s School on March 1st and our Y5/6 School Choir will be singing at The Albert Hall on Sunday 16th March as part of the Hertfordshire Singing Gala. We wish all those involved good luck and hope that they all have a great time!

We also have an evening for Year 6 pupils and parents looking at the current arrangements for the Year 6 SAT tests. This will be held on Thursday 27th February at 7.00pm. Please note this is an earlier time than publicised.

Please remember if your child has suffered from any kind of vomiting bug, they must be absent from school for at least 24 hours. We do not want any bugs to spread and they all need time to recover. Could I also remind you that it is a parents’ responsibility to ensure all inhalers and epi-pens kept in school are ‘in date’?

Please remember we are a nut free environment so no products containing nuts must be brought into school. This includes contents of packed lunches especially peanut butter sandwiches!

Please encourage your child to participate in the 500 Words story writing competition, I look forward to reading their entries. If you have anything you wish to discuss with me, please do not hesitate to come and see me. I hope you all have a lovely half term break!

Mary Driver