Information from Mrs Driver

Thank you to everyone who came along on Friday 30th to see the changes within school, we were overwhelmed with lots of positive comments. We are almost at the end of the work and if you have walked past school lately you might have seen that turf is now going down and we are gradually returning to normal! However, next week work is being done on the paths within school and therefore there will be NO pedestrian access through Holdbook on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Work will intensify over half term as we have a final push towards finishing the expansion programme.
During half term we will be having a refit of the school kitchen to future proof us for when the school is full. This will involve a slight change in the few days before half term. Information will be sent out about this next week.

Behaviour strategy
Your children may well have told you about the new behaviour strategy we have introduced. They all know the behaviour we expect and are in no doubt of the consequences should they not abide by the rules set. Key Stage 1 classes have a traffic light system, where they get one warning before seeing Mrs Driver. In Key Stage 2 we are operating a zero tolerance system and children are kept in for 20 minutes at lunchtime and go in last for lunch – this seems to have the most effect. We are already seeing a positive impact on behaviour across the school and hope you support us in this.

SPA Bingo
Friday 14th October is the night for the SPA Bingo. This will be a fun filled night with a licenced bar and fish & chip supper. We have our own ‘new’ Bingo Caller so you are guaranteed a good night out! Tickets £8 each. Talk a member of the SPA or return your slip to the office. We are also creeping ever closer to one of our major fundraisers for the year.

Winter Wonderland
The Winter Wonderland will be held on Saturday 19th November and includes Story time with Santa. Look out for letters from the SPA about this event and start thinking about what you can do to help!

It is wonderful to see so many of our children taking advantage of the free fruit in school for Key Stage 1 children. There is often enough for some of the older children as well which is great. However, what is equally good is seeing the children who bring fresh fruit into school. This is all they are allowed at breaktimes. We would ask that children DO NOT bring in fruit in packets, particularly those with cards which are causing quite a few upsets at playtimes. Please remember we are a NUT FREE environment. Nut bars must not be brought into school.

Please remember if you have any concerns about your child at school, do not hesitate to come in to see me. I look forward to seeing you in school in the very near future.

Yours sincerely
Mary Driver