Information from Mrs Driver

Sickness bugs
We are entering the season of sickness bugs! Please remember that if your child is sick or has diarrhoea please ensure you keep them off school for a minimum of 24 hours. This does not mean if they are sick one day, they can return the next. It must be at least 24 hours after the last bout of illness. Please adhere to this to avoid the spread of these bugs!

The Hundred Club
I thought you would like to know that we have used some of the money raised by The Hundred Club to purchase a set of school cameras for the children to use. Thank you to those of you who are members of The Hundred Club, your contribution certainly makes a difference. If you would like information about the Hundred Club please contact the school office.

Maternity leave
As you are aware Mrs Wheat is leaving at the end of the month to have her baby. Whilst she is away, her maternity leave will be covered by Mrs Mitchell. Therefore Mrs Mitchell’s teaching commitments in Maple Class will be covered by Mrs Lowe who will finish in Beech when Mrs Burr returns after Christmas!

Your amazing support
I would just like to thank you all for your amazing support of various projects over the last few weeks. We collected 154 Shoeboxes for Link to Hope which was wonderful. We are currently selling poppies for the British Legion Poppy Appeal, and before long the school council will be telling you of their plans for Children in Need. Thank you so much for supporting us with all of these. Don’t forget we also have the Winter Wonderland on 19th November and we still need more help on some of the stalls. Please sign up on the rota in the office area or speak to member of the SPA.

Severe weather procedures
Below are our severe weather procedures. Please take time to read them and know that any decision will not be taken lightly.

Please remember if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to make an appointment and come and see me.

Yours sincerely
Mary Driver


Now that the weather has turned colder and a little more unpredictable we have to start thinking about our severe weather procedures. I have to assure you that no decision about closing the school would be taken lightly, in reality we have only closed three times in the last 28 years! However, I am not prepared to put anyone in the position whereby they are forced to travel in conditions which the police advise us are dangerous.

We currently only have 4 full time teachers who could get to school by walking if there is severe snow, and that would mean I would have to close the school. It may be that the roads around school do not appear to be dangerous, but many staff travel on major roads where there could be problems.

In the event of severe weather Mrs Light would get to school and assess the situation there and together we will make the decision in line with advice from the Local Authority and the police. If the decision is made to close the school, we would immediately put a notice on the school website home page saying that the school is closed. This would also be sent out by Twitter. As we are such a close community we know that many of you also spread the word which is great but rumours could start so please rely upon the website which will be accurate! The website would be updated throughout the day, as far as internet connection allows, so please use this as the main source of information.

A message is also sent to Hertfordshire LA who post the school’s name on 3 Counties Radio so that is another source of information.

I hope that by being proactive and setting all of this in motion, we will never have to use it, but it is better to be safe than sorry and I can assure you that a decision to close would only be taken in severe cases.