Information from Mrs Driver

The Orbit
We are extremely lucky to have such a great school magazine, written by the pupils, under the guidance of Mrs Stephenson and Mrs Thorn. Each term they hope to find an organisation or an individual who would be willing to sponsor the magazine to cover the costs of printing it. In return for this they get to advertise in the magazine if they wish to.
Do you know someone or a group of people who might be willing to sponsor the next edition? The cost is approximately £180.
If you think you might be able to help us please contact me and I will pass your details on to the Orbit team.

Parents Survey
Please look out for a letter coming home in the next few days regarding an online Parents Survey. We appreciate greatly the time parents take to complete these surveys. The Leadership team and Governing Body then take time to look at what you are telling us about the school and if possible act upon it.

Lunchtime supervisors
We are looking to increase our provision of lunchtime supervisors as our pupil numbers increase. If you are interested in joining our team from 12.00 – 1.15 each day, please come and see us!

Once again I am being inundated with comments and complaints about speeding cars and bad parking.
Please drive slowly as you approach school and as you drive through the school grounds.
Please DO NOT turn around in Stuart Drive, please drive through the school grounds and out through Holdbrook. Please do not stop in the school grounds unless you have been given a parking permit to stop in our car park.
I am aware that there is congestion at the end of Bowman’s Avenue. Please be considerate of other road users and if it would help, as you exit Bowman’s Ave. turn left and drive through the school grounds.
Ideally we would have Stuart Drive and Holdbrook as a non-traffic zone, but that would only push the problem further away. However, if you have to drive to school, please consider parking further away and walking the last bit of your journey. St Michael’s Community Centre is an ideal parking area for a short time.

Open Morning
Just a reminder that the School’s Open Morning is on Tuesday 21st March from 9.00am. More details to follow later.

Please remember if you have any concerns about your child, do not hesitate to make an appointment to come and see me.

Yours sincerely
Mary Driver