Information from Mrs Driver

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think about the speed you are driving down Wymondley Road, round into Halsey Drive and then into Stuart Drive. I have had a number of complaints about this and although it is completely out of my jurisdiction, it is an accident waiting to happen and I would hate to think of anyone, let alone a child, being injured!

Parking along Stuart Drive and Halsey Drive is another huge issue. Don’t park across people’s drives, even if it is ‘only for a moment!!’ We have children crossing Halsey Drive without parents and they are extremely vulnerable. Please give them clear sight lines.

Holdbrook is our exit route. PLEASE DON’T drive up Holdbrook and then try and turn round; this is just as dangerous!

Hopefully the worst of the winter weather has passed and we should all be encouraging the children to walk to school. I appreciate some of you live a distance from school but perhaps think about parking further away and walking the last part? This will energise the children before they start their work for the day!

I am aware I moan about this on a regular basis and I really appreciate you reading to the end of this section, but I am extremely worried that we will hear of an accident with children walking to and from school.

A Message from Mrs Delaney:

The February edition of HAND News, the online newsletter, including free courses for parents, inclusive activities for children, support groups and much more, has now been published and can be found at: ws

We have been asked by the ‘North Herts Emotional Support in Schools’ service (NESSIe) to encourage people to complete a questionnaire about the proposed future of Mental Health provision, as set out in the green paper. If you are interested in completing a questionnaire, they are available in the front entrance on the community noticeboard. 



Please remember if you have any concerns do not hesitate to contact me!

Yours sincerely
Mary Driver