Instructions for registering for the Schools Fantasy Football League

To register you team for free in the Schools Fantasy Football League, here are a few instructions.

1. Go to : and click the Register tab (just above where it says “Free to play”, to the right of Robin Van Persie)

2. Under where it says “You are 30 seconds away from setting up your Schools Fantasy League team”, fill in all the boxes.

Parents – for Date of Birth may I suggest you just enter 01/01/1990. (They have made this a mandatory box for some reason and you may not wish to divulge your actual DOB)

3. Ignore the boxes under “the boring stuff for teachers”

4. Tick the box under the Legal heading

5. Click the big “Register” button at the bottom

6. The screen changes and you can now build your team. You can either select players yourself or just click “Auto Select Team” and your team will be built automatically.

You can make unlimited transfers (moving players in and out) from now until the league starts on 19 October. Then you can make only 5 a month.

7. In the Grey box above your team, type in your team name (appropriate names please or your team may not be approved to join the league)

8. Choose a captain. Click the red C (to the right of your goalkeeper)

9. IMPORTANT – now SAVE your team by pressing the green Save button

10. Click the “My Leagues” red box (above your team name)

11. Enter the school PIN number : 3775645, in the box and click search

12. William Ransom Primary School appears – click on the name

13. You will then see the names of teams already in the William Ransom League

14. Click the yellow box “Join League”

15. Under “Chairman : Mr Hankin”, it will now say “Your request to join the league is pending”

16. This sends a notification to Mr Hankin, for him to accept you into the William Ransom school league.

17. Once accepted, you have joined the William Ransom league.

18. Good luck

Any problems, please contact Mr Hankin on