Inter house football and netball

The inter house competitions were a fantastic end to the netball and football season. It was a beautiful afternoon and the whole school were out to support their houses as the older children took part in these competitions.

Some fantastic goals were scored in both the netball and football as the children competed for the trophies. The standard of both competitions was extremely high and played in a great spirit of friendly rivalry as friends went head-to-head against one another.The supporters were keeping the score and encouraging their players.

The results in the football were: Jupiter 4th  with 5 points, Mars and Saturn on 6 points, but Mars coming 3rd as they scored 3 goals and Saturn scored 4 and got 2nd place on goal difference, meaning that Neptune won with 7 points,

In the netball Mars and Neptune both got 5 points however, Neptune got 9 goals and Mars only 4, so 4th place for Mars, 3rd for Neptune. Saturn and Jupiter tied on 7 points but Saturn with 8 goals got second place as Jupiter had scored 9 goals giving them 1st position.

Well done to everyone who played it was an enjoyable afternoon of sport.