Investigating seeds

Over the past few weeks, Holly class have been investigating different types of seeds.

First, we studied different varieties of seeds looking closely at the different sizes, shapes, textures and colours. We learnt about seed dispersal and how seeds are carried away from their parent plants in different ways – by the wind, by water, on fur, through digestion by animals and by exploding!

We then looked at how seeds are adapted to their dispersal method. We performed a fair test to see if the size of a paper sycamore seed affected the time it took to fall to the ground.

Finally, we learnt about what a seed needs to germinate and how that differs from what a plant needs to grow. We planted a runner bean seed in a jar with some wet cotton wool, so we could observe any changes. We discovered that a seed needs water and warm air to germinate (start growing). When the leaves started to appear, we re-potted them into soil because plants need food, water, light and air to grow. We are recording the growth of our bean plants in our bean diaries. Whose will be the tallest?