It is nearly Easter!

With four days left of this term the children in reception finished their work on houses by looking at the picture by Van Gogh of his bedroom at Arles. Using their sketches and photos from last week’s ‘Show and Tell’ they attempted to paint a picture of their own bedrooms.

Having joined the RSPB ‘Wildsquare’ project for exploring nature, the children went out with their survey looking for signs of spring. They wrote about their walk and made a book to show what they had found .

In literacy the children read a book called Sebastian’s Waddle on the Sebastian Swan website. They compared the signs of spring found by the children around the school area to what Sebastian swan found around his lake.

In knowledge and understanding of the world the children looked at a single daffodil and disassembled it and named the different parts, talking about their shape and their function. They all attempted to make a daffodil with plasticine and then labelled a picture of a daffodil to show that they were starting to learn the names of different parts of a plant.

Maths this week has been learning about number bonds to 5 and then to 10. We played a game on the internet which the children enjoyed. If you have access to a computer your child would find the practise beneficial. They can use their fingers or equipment to work out the answers initially, they should be working towards a speedy recall of the number facts. .

On Friday afternoon the children heard the Palm Sunday story and made a class model of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. We will continue the Easter story next week and enjoy a few Easter craft activities to end the term.