IWM Duxford

On Thursday 24th September, the two 5/6 classes were whisked back in time to the Second World War. Dressed for the occasion and carrying our authentic provisions we made our way over to IWM Duxford to find out what life was like for local people in WW2.

Our day consisted of two parts. Firstly, we were able to explore as much of the exhibits as time would allow us – but there’s just so much to see that we couldn’t get round all the hangers. Many of us were interested in looking at all the planes from across the years which culminated in huge excitement when we were able to get on board Concorde!

The second part of our day was taking part in a wartime lesson as evacuees sent to the Cambridgeshire countryside. Our teacher was quite strict and she made us recite our times tables, practise our handwriting, complete a diction exercise and learn new spellings. And as if this wasn’t enough, we had to learn what to do if the Air Raid Siren sounded or if there was a gas attack! We weren’t very good at remembering to stand or put our gas masks on at first but we soon learned.

All in all we had a great day and look forward to using all the knowledge we have learned in our future history lessons and on our WW2 day later this year.