KS2 play at being Picasso

Well we have reached the end of another wonderful day of art and today it was Key Stage Two’s turn to do some painting but first we had an assembly with the rest of the school and it was given by Pablo Picasso. Picasso was a very confident artist who believed he was the best painter in the world. The children learned a lot about his life and work and then after a break it was time to learn how to paint like him.

We started by practising how to draw a face from the front, followed by how to draw face from the side and finally we put the two techniques together to create a more abstract image of a face. After lunch Pablo showed us how to draw an outline with the paint and then add tone by mixing the colours directly on the paper. He talked about using contrasting colours and juxtaposing dark tones with light. Some small areas could be painted white but otherwise we were to fill our pages.

It was then time for us to go back to class to begin our masterpieces and we had Picasso himself on hand for advice and compliments. The children listened very well and produced some fantastic paintings. We cannot wait to display them around the school.