Latest news from 5/6W

We had a long weekend as we had Friday and Monday off school. After returning on Tuesday we had literacy with a man called Mr Rylands to start the day. He brought us into the hall to learn more about literacy. This was very interesting as it developed our learning of the subject.

On Wednesday we had maths and literacy as normal to start off the day. In the afternoon we did football activities. This included learning to kick the ball with both feet and defend other players. Following this we did French with our French teacher Mrs Hall. We were learning to speak about food and drink.

Thursday morning we had maths followed by our spelling test and rehearsal for our Christmas show which is based on a made up place called Ransomzar! Everyone is really excited because Christmas is near. Later on most of the class went outside for orienteering while a few of us painted our class picture.

On Friday we had our times table ,adding ,subtracting and mental maths tests. Next we wrote out our plans for magazine articles in our draft books. To finish the week we had a Christmas rehearsal. We were starting to put the play together as a school. This got us in the Christmas mood and made us all very excited!

By Rosanna and Danny

After the long weekend class 5/6W came back to a positive atmosphere on Tuesday morning. We had maths as our first lesson and it was about capacity. After break we had literacy in which we are doing magazine articles. We have been studying other articles to give us inspiration and creative ideas for our own articles. Daniel has been writing about a Ferrari 458 Italia and Ben G has been writing on having a 13th animal in the Chinese calendar or not.

In the afternoon on Wednesday we did football in P.E. We were dribbling with the ball and a bit of shooting. We were learning the correct techniques to help us improve our game. We really enjoyed this activity. After P.E. we were back in the classroom learning French. This week we learnt to give our opinions on certain food and drink.

On Thursday afternoon we were also doing P.E. but a special type called orienteering. This was using our maths skills as well as exercising. So we had to run to certain cones to solve a maths puzzle.

We started Friday with our usual routine of morning tests. This included multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and finally mental arithmetic. Both of us came out with high marks!!! This we are very happy with.

We finished the day with a Christmas play rehearsal. We are both singing in the choir and our class is doing gymnastics. We would just like to say a big thank you to all the teachers for putting in lots of effort and making this half term very exciting!

By Daniel and Ben