Latest news from Class 5/6A

Craig gives us all an overview of the week in Class 5/6A.

The atmosphere here at William Ransom has been as lively as ever since the children came back to school after half term. The topics being learnt in each subject have been pushing the students to the best of their ability. In maths everyone is doing work on BIDMAS (Brackets, Indices, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction), and algebra while in Literacy the year 5s and 6s are taking notes on and writing up newspaper reports.

This week has seen two school football matches with the Boys winning a league match against Oughton on the 5th November and the Girls also winning against Ickleford in the Wix Cup on the 7th November. People are still skipping in the playground even though it has been over two weeks since Dan the skipping man came in to see the school. Also, everyone can’t wait for all the clubs to start back up again. It has all been very exciting.

On Thursday, some parents came to look around the school so Mrs Driver gathered up the house captains and some other Year 6s to show them round. They did a fantastic job, and all the parents gave Mrs Driver positive comments about William Ransom. Well done to all the Year 6 tour guides!

In the assembly on Friday, all the children sang some Christmas songs to be put on the school’s Christmas CD. Everybody sang beautifully and lots of people were excited. The decisions are still being made over the main parts in the Christmas play.

Everyone has had a fun week back at school after Half Term and can’t wait for next week which will surely be even better than this week!

James has looked at different things happening during the week in Class 5/6A

On Monday class 5/6A had most of the usual things. The school was selling poppies, and two year 6’s went around selling them for Remembrance Day. They would cost any silver donation. This went on through the whole week .On Tuesday they did hockey in P.E, and had I.C.T, in which they learnt how to create short animations on junior control insight. Wednesday was French and the class did some sheets such as reading a sentence and putting the correct subjects in the correct place. It was also the last day for shoeboxes, and we collected 159 .History on Tuesday was all about evacuees and items, sounds, and other things in the Second World War. On Friday the 5’s and 6’s did a basketball session, and learnt some tips as well as playing matches. Some drills included passing the ball around themselves, and lots more. They had two new people that taught them some skills for the drills and matches. They also did a science experiment about how well sugar dissolves in water remembering to keep it a fair test. Lacrosse was club was meant to be on today, but Mrs Light wasn’t available, so it was cancelled for them!