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Suddenly we are at the end of our first week and we are pleased with how the transition has worked for our returning pupils. Managing a school in these uncertain times is a challenge and we are making plans and decisions in a climate that is completely alien to us. However, things have started smoothly and it will be interesting to hear the next stage of the government’s plans. As I have said before, we do not know any earlier than you do so we all have to ‘stay alert’ to what is being said!

As I said in an earlier letter we will have a review of the current structure every 2 weeks so if some of you who are parents of YR, Y1 & Y6 are thinking of changing your provision it would help enormously with the planning if you could let us know by Wednesday 10th June. Following a change in recent guidance there is no requirement for siblings to work with the key workers as long as they are only in school on the days for their year group pod. If we are making any changes to the structure we will let you know by the middle of next week so you can make any necessary child care arrangements.

We hear a lot in the news about the gap widening in children’s education and worries over lost education. I do not think this is necessarily the case. I think education in school has been paused but the work done at home and different approaches to learning has enabled children to learn in different ways. All of you have conducted home learning in a different manner and have found a way that suits your child. I am sure you have had good days and bad days, we have them in school too! Some days children are receptive to learning and some not; that is the same in school. We are all looking forward to meeting up with all the children to see how they have grown and matured and we will take their learning on from wherever they have got to! I am sure you have all done an amazing job!

When I look back over all the newsletters I have sent through this crisis, it is surprising how our focus has changed and our ‘new’ way of working has become normal! My first pandemic newsletter was bemoaning the lack of toilet rolls  which is now a thing of the past and currently my personal concerns centre around getting to the hairdresser!

Keep safe and well and be kind to one another!

Kind regards

Mary Driver