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Following my letter home yesterday, I am sure you will have all seen the latest update from the government last evening.

We are now being advised that if anyone in a household is showing a fever or a persistent cough then the whole family must isolate for 14 days. Anyone who is vulnerable i.e. elderly, pregnant or has underlying health concerns should also isolate until further notice.

This is naturally going to have implications for many of our families. We just ask that you keep us informed at every stage.

This is some great information to use with children:

Coronavirus: Helpful information to answer questions from children

Don’t be afraid to have conversations with your child about coronavirus – not talking about something can sometimes make children worry more. Other children will be talking about it at school, or they may have heard it on the news or seen someone wearing a face mask, and they might have questions for you.

Remember that you don’t need to have all the facts and answers. There are lots of resources out there for you to read together, or for you to direct your child to ease their worries.

We recommend reading this Newsround article about coronavirus and how it’s being tackled. ‘Coronavirus: What is the new virus and what’s being done about it? 15th March 2020

Be Reassuring

It may be helpful to remind your child that flu is actually more common than coronavirus and reassure them that more people are recovering from the virus, than dying from it.

We recommend watching:

CBBC’s Dr Chris and Dr X and talk about why coronavirus ‘may not be as scary as it sounds.’

Take precautions to protect yourself.

Be aware of the symptoms and follow NHS guidance on how to avoid catching it.

We recommend watching the Newsround video on how to wash your hands.

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