Let’s Get Cooking Chicken Biryani & Fruit Pops

Our final session this term brought new taste sensations and a new recipe!

Our star cooks will tell us what they did…

"The biryani didn't take too long to cook. We used cooked chicken so that made it quicker.  It tasted yummy, a bit spicy for me, but everyone else did enjoy it very much.  A top tip – if you are vegetarian you can leave the chicken out. Perhaps add cashew nuts. You always have to taste the food you are making so you know when it is ready. You may need to add more flavouring." By Georgie

"I made fruit and yoghurt ice pops.  It took a while as this was a new recipe but we got through it.  There was a lot of chopping of fruit and the varieties we had were passion fruit, mango, strawberries, kiwi and blueberries.  You had to chop them very small.

I did a whole punnet of strawberries, first cutting off the green bit at the top, then slicing down and gathering them up and slicing across.

Meanwhile, passion fruit seeds and juice were scooped out, mango stones removed with a clever cooking gadget and kiwis peeled and cut (using a two person system), yet the blueberries were left as they were as their size meant they didn't need cutting up.

Once everything was prepared, we went over to the blender with all our different fruits. Unfortunately, the blender was broken so we used a different cooking tool that I don't know the name of.  We all had a go using it (with guidance from Mrs Halliwell) and quickly poured the mixture into small pots and added cut up straws for the stick.

We then added some fruit (not blended) into the pots an put coconut yoghurt on top and added straws into these too.  We then took our pops home and put them in the freezer (for at least 3 hours).

Me and my family tried them and they were very nice, although the yoghurt one was quite tricky to get out the pot! All in all, they were delicious!" By Will

All the children tried the dishes each week and where we began with some saying "I don't like spicy food", we finished with clean plates!  Well done to all our cooks this term.