Let’s Get Cooking… Chinese Stirfry Vegetables and Savoury Flapjack

This term, a group of Year 4 children from Willow are perfecting their culinary skills.

Let's hear what our two star cooks had to say…

'This week in Let's Get Cooking, our group made Cheese and Carrot Savoury Flapjack.  I really enjoyed the texture of crispy, but soft, oats and chewy cheese with lumps of grated carrot in.  My flapjack sort of fell apart and crumbled a bit when I tried to eat it.  My sister, Keira and Mum both liked it too!  It was nice to think that a lovely snack was healthy and low in sugar and salt too!' by India

'I went to cooking club after school and my team were making the vegetable stir fry.  We had a lot to prep but we got through it fine.  We cut all sorts like broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and much more.  After we cut the vegetables we moved on to making the sauce.  Inside the sauce was cornflour, water, soy sauce and some sweet chilli.  After everything was done, we had to cook it.  Mrs Mills put some oil on the pan and added in the ingredients.  We all had a go at stirring the food and even got to taste it!  It was AMAZING!!!  I shared it with my family and they liked it aswell.  I'd be happy to make it again at home.' by Faith

One parent told us that their child ate all the stirfry at home – but doesn't normally eat vegetables unless it's sweetcorn and cucumber! Mrs Mills and Mrs Halliwell were very pleased to hear this.