Level 3 basketball as William Ransom represent North Herts

The children gave up the morning of their day off school to represent North Herts in the second round of the Herts Youth Games. Having won the Hitchin round a few weeks ago, the children would have been devastated not to have played in the second round at Oaklands College in St. Albans. Kind parents allowed their children to participate and they had a very full morning of basketball.

There were eleven teams participating and they were divided into two  ' pools'. William Ransom played Hillmead from Birchwood which they lost 8-12, Little Green from Watford and Three Rivers which they lost 8-4 (This team won the group) Garden Fields from St Albans which they won 10-4, Welwyn St. Mary's which they won 6-4 and Greneway from Royston which they lost 14-10.

Everyone played really well and they were awarded 4th position in their group. Unfortunately only first and second position went onto the semi finals but a great effort by the eight children who played and a big thank-you to the two parents who helped to transport the children to St. Albans.

Payers included-Tommy, Calum, Andrew, Feranmi, Lucy, Megan, Alana and Bella.