Light Experiments in Class 5/6M

The pupils in Class 5/6M are currently looking at how light travels and how we see things as part of their Science work. They have been doing a number of different experiments showing how light travels in a straight line and also how it is reflected off shiny surfaces.

One of the most interesting experiments, however, was the construction of a ‘pinhole camera’ out of a shoebox. They made sure no light could get in the box anywhere by covering with black sugar paper and tape, and then placed a tracing paper ‘screen’ at one end of the box. At the other end they made a small hole to allow the light to enter. They were then ready to go and investigate.

As you can see from the photographs, the only way the pupils were able to see the images on the screen of the camera was to block out any other light. For that reason, they covered their heads with towels and coats, similar to the way the photographers would cover their heads with a black cloth. They decided they all looked like some kind of alien!

Back in the classroom, we discussed why the image on the screen was upside down, and because of their successful experiences they understood the concept very well.