Look at all the clubs on offer!

We are very fortunate that many clubs are run by our own teachers and teaching assistants who give up their own time to organise these activities.

There are also other clubs where we employ coaches or outside parties to help organise these activities and we can use their expertise to develop the children’s learning. Some of these clubs incur a small charge.

Different clubs are offered to different year groups and some are run at lunchtimes whilst others take place after school.

There are more activities on offer for the older pupils as they clearly have more stamina and are able to make their own way home.

No child can stay for an after school activity if they have not returned a permission slip.

During the academic year 2015– 2016 the following activities will be offered at some point:

Football Year 4 – 6

Netball Year 4-6

Photography Year 5/6

Arts & Crafts Year 2

Textiles Year 4 – 6

Lacrosse Year 5/6

Tennis – All Year Groups

Table Tennis Year 3 – 6

Choir Year 3 – 6

Drama Year 3 – 6

Magazine Y3 – 6

Play leaders Year 5

Cricket Year 5/6

Tag Rugby Year 5

Multi-sport Year 2 – 4

Pilates Year 4 – 6

Cookery Year 5

Touch Typing Year 3

Recycled Fashion Year 5

School Council Year 1 – 6

Chatterbooks Year 3-4

Basketball Year 5/6

Paralympic sports Year 5/6


The children are given information about the different clubs on offer and it is up to them to sign up for what they want to do.

I hope you agree that this is an amazing list of what we offer and there are simply no more lunchtimes or after school times available for many more.

If a club is cancelled for any reason this information will be tweeted out and put on the school website so please check these on the days your child attends an after school activity.