Lots going on in Reception

The children continue to work hard and play hard in Oak and Ash. Here are a few things they have been busy doing.

The children learnt all about Christingle and got to make their own.

The classes loved listening to and watching Stickman. They did lots of activities about him, including other uses for him, and some made their own Stickman!

The children have been getting crafty this week, using equipment to create lots of lovely pieces of work. There will be lots more going on next week too.

The classes talked about some of the things that happen at Christmas time. They watched ‘The Bear and the Hare’ and wrote about how they would describe Christmas to someone who had never seen it before (like the bear in the story).

They enjoyed learning about Hanukah, the Jewish Festival of Light. They looked at a menorah and celebration cards that are sent by families.