This week, the children in the 5/6 Classes have been exploring Macbeth through Drama. 

Last week, they learnt some interesting information about William Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre as an introduction.

In our first lesson this week, the warm-ups involved the children acting in pairs and taking on particular roles.  This proved highly entertaining but was also great for making the children feel less inhibited.  See if you can spot the different themes: two friends celebrating; a king and his subject; friends sharing a secret and friends who don't trust each other anymore.

The story of Macbeth was then introduced and they used their imaginations to act out the battle scene between Norway and Scotland, thinking then about how Macbeth and Banquo would have felt and behaved after the battle and, at the end , they took on the parts of Scottish Lords greeting the pair of victorious soldiers.

The most popular Drama session was the meeting between the three witches, Macbeth and Banquo.  The groups had to think about different questions while deciding how to interpret the scene.  They also used percussion instruments to add effects to their performances.  The children really enjoyed the task and created original and effective performances with much cackling and great movement by the witches in particular.