Magic Mountfitchet

Holly and Cedar’s trip by Sonika

Holly and Cedar class went on a school trip to Mountfitchet Castle. First we all went on a coach, it was fast like the wind. Also we had to go in pairs on the coach and I sat with Ava. It took us one hour to get there.

When we got there we saw a lot of amazing animals like a cheeky goat, a furry chicken and a beautiful peacock. There was also a dungeon, it was spooky and terrifying. There was a man on a wheel also there was another man who was about to get his hands chopped off! I quickly ran out of the room as fast as I could.

Then we had a go with the catapult. Some of us got soaked and I got wet. It was very fun and we had to get the teachers wet and they got us. Then it was lunchtime. A goat came and sat on the bench it was very funny. After all that we did a birds eye view of the castle, it was great. The castle was huge, old and wooden. Then we went back to school. Ava said “It was very fun!”