Making Easter Egg Boxes

Class 34 have been looking at packaging. We have now made pizza boxes and easter egg boxes too!

When we started to make them we drew them on paper and planed it in rough.

When I made my easter egg box for real I had to fold the lines really hard as we were then doing it on stiff card. Then I had to cut and draw the designs of our logo carefully on to it.

Finally, the next week my box was just about done and I glued it together.

Then I showed it to my teacher and she made a slot for my tab , I put it together.


By Katie!

Class 3/4 have been looking at packaging and made some Easter egg boxes.

At the start we drew a draft net of our box design on paper. We had to stick it together, check for any missing tabs to connect it and then pull it apart and then stick it together again.

The next week we drew our logo and a picture onto it. Finally we had to draw the same net onto a piece of card for the final design. Once I had done all that I started to draw my logo and picture on and coloured it in.

The next week I stuck it together and found that it did not stick very well but eventually it held. I hope that it gets filled with eggs!

By Megan