Making impressions of our teeth

Class 3/4 investigated teeth in their recent science lesson. They discussed how many baby teeth they currently have and how adult teeth will be coming through soon. The children also made an impression of their bite and then made models of their mouths.

Some children had more teeth than others whilst they await their adult teeth, but all could see the differences in the teeth type and understand their different roles.

We found out that we all have 8 incisors, 4 canines and a varying amount of molars. Our incisors are very useful, helping us cut through food like scissors, but our canines aren't used too much as knives have taken over their role!  Molars are essential though for grinding our food in order to swallow it.

The class were surprised to see how thin the edges of their teeth were in the impressions and this helped them make more accurate models out of modelling clay.

Many of the models were incredibly accurate as the children looked in mirrors and felt their teeth.

A great afternoon of science!