Maple visit to Celtic Harmony

On Tuesday 26th September Maple class visited Celtic Harmony for a Stone Age experience day. We learnt lots about how the Stone Age people lived. We took part in four main activities; building a shelter, trading, hunting and gathering and learning about Stone Age weapons.

First we got into groups to build a shelter. We had to work as a team to choose the best branches and twigs to build our shelter with, and think about how to position them, remembering to leave a doorway so that we could get in!

Our second activity, trading, helped us to learn about Stone Age money. We found out that the Stone Age people would have traded the precious things they had, such as feathers, horns, shells and fur. We were able to swap our items for a gold coin which we could spend in the gift shop.

After a much needed lunch, we tip-toed into the forest in search of Stone Age food. We gathered fruits and vegetables and examples of Stone Age meat (painted onto wooden bricks!) We learnt that many people in the Stone Age would have died from very trivial illnesses such as a bad cold or a broken bone. Next we used our hunting skills to track down a Woolly Mammoth, and all had a go at throwing a ‘spear’ to catch it. When we missed we had to should ‘quick, quick, run run!’ – it was great fun!

Our final activity was learning about weaponry. We saw examples of flint, the material used to make arrow heads for spears, and were able to make our very own arrow heads by sculpting soap.

Overall it was a fantastic trip and the children were a credit to the school, asking and answering questions and sharing their knowledge. Well done Maple class!