Mince Pies

This afternoon my classmates and I made mince pies. This was much easier than I thought it would be harder than it was but surprisingly not it was very easy. All we had to do was roll out pastry with a rolling pin and cut it out with a cutter and carefully placed them in the baking tray. Next we put mincemeat on top of them not too much. Then with the remaining pastry we cut out star shaped bits and placed them on top.

We also made ‘Christmassy boxes’ for our mince pies. These were difficult for some to make but got there in the end we decorated these open top boxes by drawing on the sides and putting coloured foil inside I chose green.

By Simon

Today we made mince pies and boxes. We started off the afternoon by making the boxes for our mince pies to go in. It was very difficult for some of us but we finally made them. Making them was great fun we designed the edges of the boxes with Christmas as the design. The box is an open top box and was difficult to make I thought any way but if you ask others I think they will say the same thing. We went out in small groups to make the mince pies and we started to roll out the pastry. We then took a circle cutter and made a circle which we put in a cup cake tin and pressed down lightly. Next the filling had to go in. I struggled with this as I really don’t like minced meat. We scrapped the mixture into the centre of the pastry and started to roll out the left over pastry for the star to go on top. We placed the star on top and very gently pressed down on the star. The afternoon has been great fun and has been enjoyed by everyone in the class.

By Jessica