Mini-beast mayhem this week in the reception class!

Learning to recognise different types of minibeasts and hunting them down to observe formed the basis of our work this week.Having learnt all about what makes a bug an insect, Monday afternoon saw the children ‘tree shaking’ around the field to find which minibeasts live in or on the trees. Having found and collected several different creatures they were examined under the visualiser and then released. We found ants, ladybirds, spiders, and shield bugs, several different types of beetles, flies and spiders. What excitement on Tuesday, a bug hunt in the nature area’. Slugs, snails, beetles, spiders, a fly or two, a bee and a fly, all made good viewing under the magnifying glasses and visualiser. It was a noisy session with squeals of excitement and horror as creature escaped and disappeared into any nook or cranny to get away.

The butterflies have changed into their chrysalis state but one of them was late to change and in wriggling around dislodged another from where it was hanging. It is doubtful whether this one will live and if it does its wings may well be deformed.

Thank you to those parents who were able to get time off from work to attend sports day. The children all did very well and the weather was kind to us.

Don’t forget the summer fete. We still need more help on the stalls and full cans and bottles for the tombola stalls.

Next week is our trip on the train to Shepreth Wildlife park. The children will wear their school uniform as usual but the type of coat will depend on the weather. We are not taking any money as the shop is rather overpriced! Please send them with a sun hat and wearing sun cream. We will not be back to school until 3.30 as the train times have changed from last year and if we get the earlier train it will be a rush to fit in both groups having their talk.

Have an enjoyable weekend and make the most of any sunshine!