More Home Learning Ideas

Dear Parents and Children,

We hope that you are enjoying your time at home and playing lots in the garden with your family.

Try to keep your Maths and English skills going.  We will continue to send out Maths work each week.

For English we imagine you are continuing to work on the Spag sheets and spellings sent home.  Make sure you’re reading lots and finding fun ways to practise your writing.  Why not write out Book Reviews and email them to each other? 

For more English activities and Science and Foundation subjects, we would really recommend that you take a look at for extra options.  There is free access during school closures and there are literally hundreds of interesting and fun activities.  We don’t want to limit you as we understand that you all like doing different things.  You can dip into anything that you like.

If you want to focus on areas that we would be doing in school at the moment, use the information below to guide you. (Some of these links don’t want to work but you can copy and paste them into Google.)

History – we had a couple of lessons left on WWII, concentrating on the experience of civilians in Britain. You could research what happened on VE Day.  

We were then going to move onto Ancient Greece.  Twinkl has some resources for that but there are also these websites:

Geography – we were just about to start a new topic, “When weather makes the news”: looking at extreme forms of weather, what causes them, what parts of the world are affected. We would have been looking at a different forms of weather each week.  Again, Twinkl has resources for this.  Also see:

French – we are currently looking into a resource to help you with learning at home but you may wish to look at the websites below to practise vocabulary and phrases.

Mrs Wheat’s Maths group

Well done to all of you that have completed your tasks set but there are still a few of you that are yet to log in.  Don’t forget that if you don’t get full marks first time you can retake the activity to try and improve your score.  I can see that some of you are doing this already, well done.  Next week, I would like you to continue to access the daily sessions through WhiteRose, watching the short videos before completing the maths sheets which can be done in your workbooks that we provided you with.  I will continue to set you MyMaths activities each week based on the learning that you should be covering at this time.  I will set these for you twice a week, once at the start and once midweek, so don’t forget to keep checking.

It’s also great to see that so many of you from both classes have been accessing TTRS as this is a fun way to keep your basic tables ticking over. Mrs Wheat

Mrs Mitchell’s Maths group

Thank you to those of you who have completed your MyMaths homework. Please try to do one MyMaths task per day, as well as keeping up with Times Tables Rock Stars. Mrs Mitchell

Mrs Hall’s Maths group

Well done everybody!  Most of you have completed all of the tasks set on MyMaths this week.  Remember if you make mistakes, you can have another go to see if you can self- correct.  There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes; it’s how we learn.

This week, I would like you to have a go with this resource:

It gives you a quick tutorial, then an activity and the answers are there for you to see how you have got on.  I think Week 1 might be a bit easy for you so I would start with Week 2 which is all revision of work we have covered on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.  If you find Week 2 hard, try Week 1 first.

I’ll also set you some Mymaths for work that we had started just before we broke up which will be on perimeter and then area.  Make sure you do the online lessons first.

Why not keep your arithmetic skills up?  Test Mum and Dad with Fluent in Five.  If they struggle, make it easier by giving them Fabulous in Four or maybe Thrilling in Three.  Just make up the sorts of questions we do every lesson –

Adding/subtracting/multiplying fractions, long division, long multiplication, adding and subtracting negative numbers, BIDMAS questions, etc etc. 

I’m sure your parents will love the challenge! ?  Who knows you might be able to teach them a thing or two.  I think we can see which teacher talks too much! Sorry. Have fun Munchkins, Mrs Hall x