More News from Wales

Goodness me! How lucky were we with the weather? All of the forecasts were indicating that today was to be our worst day for weather but in reality we hardly got any rain at all!

After another peaceful, undisturbed night, everyone tucked into a hearty breakfast, before heading off to Caernarfon for the day!

The morning was spent at the Castle, an incredible building perched high on the seafront, dominating the coastline. We had 2 guides to show us round, teaching everyone how to become a castle detective. These are skills we will use later in the week when we go to Harlech!

The base of the Eagle Tower provided a welcome shelter from the wind for our lunch break and then we set off on the town trail. The pupils were in 4 groups and they lead their group leader around the town, identifying pictures and solving clues as they went. Mrs Massey managed to get lost again, for the second year in a row, but her group managed to direct her back to the correct place and they, along with everyone else were rewarded with an ice cream for their efforts!

This evening, back at the Plas, the pupils were treated to an evening with the birds of prey. They were shown a tawny owl, a kestrel and a peregrine falcon which were all amazing! ‘Awesome’ was the general feeling of the evening!

Everyone is now fast asleep, building up their energy for an exhausting day walking tomorrow. Let’s hope the rain stays away again!