Mrs Driver’s Builder’s Blog!

Well, it has certainly been a long time coming, but at last things have started to happen and work has begun to prepare for some temporary mobile classrooms.

You might wonder why I am glad about getting more mobiles, but at least it means the old ones can go and I am promised these ones will only be onsite as long as it takes to build our expansion!

The first day arrived and typically it was pouring with rain! But that didn’t stop the workers and in no time the area was fenced off and the hedge and fence were out! The School sign was soon taken down and then a trackway was laid for the large vehicles to get on to sight!

Over half term there has been a lot of preparatory works; the electrics and cabling have been prepared and the stacks for the mobiles to sit on have been  built. The next stage will be the arrival of the classrooms on Friday. Apparently they will be craned over the current building and ‘dropped’ or should I say lowered into place! No-one can be in school whilst this happens but I might just have to come for a little look to see it all happening!