Mrs Light explored the dark with the reception children this week.

An excellent week as the children explored the dark by sitting in the unlit ‘dark den’. We talked about sources of light, learnt about nocturnal animals and about fears of the dark as we heard the story of ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’ by Jill Tomlinson. The children’s favourite story was ‘Can’t you sleep little bear’ by Martin Waddell. We watched this on ‘You Tube’ as our book had disappeared and this led to a discussion about sign language and you will see why if you watch the story again.

Our maths focus was addition, as the children used their adding machines that they had made to do their sums. Well done everyone, some great practical maths and good use of ‘addition language’ as you explained to parents looking round the school what you were doing. This activity also highlighted the need for many to practise writing the numerals with correct orientation and hence the homework worksheet for the weekend.

The children painted their Divas which await varnishing before we can try them out. The firework sewing is nearly finished, although keeping the needle threaded proved a challenge to some! Kareena was our champion ‘needle threader’.