Netball Match v Highover

On Tuesday 5th March, William Ransom A team played against Highover School. The girls were anxious at first…perhaps from not playing Highover before.

In the first quarter, Olivia scored 3 goals and Melissa missed her first shot, but scored in her second. This gave William Ransom some confidence. In the second quarter, both Libby and Rosie worked well to score. However our luck began to ran out and this allowed Highover to gain more opportunities of ball possession. There was great play from all players, especially Jessica, who was hungry for the ball. In the third quarter Ella missed 5 shots and Alex missed 3. (Note to team: it is time to practise your shooting at break time). In the last quarter, Jessica missed one shot and Melissa missed 2, but luckily Melissa got 1 final goal to give a winning score of 5-3. A good match, but the score could have been a lot better.

The B team started the game on fire! Annabel missed 4 shots and Rebecca missed 1. With determination from both of the girls, they scored a goal each, giving a score of 2-0 so far. In the second quarter, Rachel missed 4 goals and Lauren D missed 6 goals. Although William Ransom School dominated the courts, a lack of shooting practise was beginning to show…and this is crucial to improve for the rally! In the 3rd quarter the pattern continued with Zoe missing 4 shots and Lauren M missing 5 shots…after many tries both Zoe and Lauren scored. Rhea played fantastically today and scored a goal in the last quarter. Annabel was an asset to the B Team and scored a further 2 goals. The end result was 8-0 to William Ransom.

A good result for both teams, but the bar needs to be raised higher for the rally. If you are not outside shooting at every opportunity, you will most definitely let the team down.

Miss Khela