Year 6 North Wales

Once again, the Year 6s, together with Mr Mills, Miss Duncan, Mrs Driver, Mrs Draper and Miss Strong, have visited North Wales on School Journey. It was a wonderful week with some new activities and everyone had a great time. As always we took lots and lots of photographs, some of which can be seen … Read more Year 6 North Wales

From the Head

2012 is definitely a year of celebrations! As we start the summer term we also celebrate the 40th anniversary of the school. The William Ransom Primary School opened its doors on 19th April 1972 with just 29 pupils so this term we have a host of events to celebrate. You have all seen the new … Read more From the Head

HGS Science Fair

Isobel, Hannah, Alex and Evan from 5/6M took part in the 2012 Hitchin Girls’ School Science Fair where they had to research and then present on an aspect of ‘Science in Sport’. They chose ‘prosthetics’ and whether or not athletes with prosthetic limbs should be allowed to compete in the Olympics. They worked very hard … Read more HGS Science Fair