Celebration of Pets

We have had a wonderful time celebrating pets at William Ransom over the last half term. Every year group has had pets in to visit, and we’ve got to meet a fantastic variety of animals: dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, stick insects, a goldfish, a leopard gecko, giant African land snails, and a 107-year-old tortoise! … Read more

Firefighters Visit

The children had a great time on Thursday when Hitchin Fire Station came to visit to support their learning about the work of the emergency services. They got to hear all about the fire engine and the different tools and machinery that are kept on it. They also got to hear all about the different … Read more

Art Club

Based on the art of David Hockney children in Year 2 art club have been creating their own swimming pools … complete with swimmers! When David Hockney arrived in Los Angeles in 1963 he fell in love with the city and it’s swimming pools. We hope you fall in love with our art work!

Animated Drawings in Year 3

During the first half of the Summer term children in Year 3 have been exploring animated drawings in art. The children were introduced to the idea that animations can be made by sequencing drawings. They gathered ideas in their sketchbooks by looking at the work of other artists and animators and after they had done … Read more

Vesak Assembly

Today is Vesak, also known as Buddha Day, and Key Stage 2 had a special assembly to learn how Buddhist people celebrate this important holiday. We were lucky enough to hear from a few pupils about their and their family’s traditions.

Fabulous flowers

Elm class have been learning all about plants in Science this term. This week, we found out how plants reproduce. We looked at the pollination and fertilisation process and identified the different parts of the flower.   We then made our own model flowers to show all the different parts.  We learnt that bees and other … Read more