Newsletter week 8

Dear Parents Suddenly we have reached the half term break and what a different half term we have all experienced. It is not one that I would want to repeat, but if we have managed to reduce infection rates and everyone can return to school safely in the near future then it has been worth … Read more

End of Week 5

Dear ParentsI have had a lovely week joining as many classes as I can for their zoom meetings! It was great to see all the happy faces and to hear the children’s news. I hope to see the rest of the classes next week so I feel I have had an insight into what is … Read more

End of Week 3

Dear Parents At least the sun is shining today which somehow makes everything seem a little more positive. I hope you have all had a good week, didn’t get too wet with all the torrential rain, or too cold with the drop in temperature. A few parents have asked if we have fixed the dates … Read more

Here we go again!

Dear Parents This was a letter I did not want to write, however, following tonight’s announcement, William Ransom will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday January 5th) for all pupils. This is to give us time to organise our home learning and our critical worker provision. We hope to be able to open from Wednesday 6th January … Read more

More news from William Ransom

We are extremely lucky to have such a busy group of parents who have been working hard behind the scenes keeping all aspects of the SPA going. They have now set up their own Twitter account and they ask that you all sign up to follow them. Their aim is that they will use … Read more

Children in Need Day!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our non-uniform day for Children in Need. We raised a staggering £571 which is an amazing amount so thank you to everyone who took part. Last week I wrote to you all about how we are developing our school libraries in different ways and this week I … Read more

Back to School!

Thank you to all of you who have donated books to the various libraries we have set up across the school. Many classes have developed their own class library to stop the mixing of bubbles and we are very excited with the new non-fiction library we have set up for upper KS2 in Larch. These … Read more

We Made It!

Goodness me! What an unusual half term, but we have made it and now we have a chance to catch our breath for a week! This term wasn’t quite without incident, but we have been very pleased with how the whole school community has worked together to support one another and although we have had … Read more