Pizza Perfect!

Today Beech Class received a pizza making master class at Pizza Express in Hitchin. The 27 strong class donned their chef's hats and aprons to firstly stretch their dough into a larger circle ready for the tin. It is harder than it looks! You have to gently knead and entice the springy dough, taking care … Read more Pizza Perfect!

Watching chocolate melt!

Beech Class wanted to see how a solid reacts to temperature in science this week, so we melted chocolate! The experiment aimed to find out what temperature melted chocolate the fastest. No surprises that floating tins with pieces of chocolate on icy water yielded no change! The chocolate had not reached its melting point. However, in … Read more Watching chocolate melt!

Gas has mass!

What could possibly go wrong? 26 children, 18 bottles of fizzy drink and the aim of the science experiment to shake out the bubbles! Well actually  – nothing! Beech class was investigating which are the fizziest drinks by seeing if carbon dioxide weighs anything. The results were really surprising as gas does indeed have mass! The … Read more Gas has mass!

Penguin Parade

To finish off our topic about Antarctica, we made penguin Easter eggs. The little penguin sits on a peppermint iceberg. We put some icing on the egg and made it into a penguin. They all look very different. Some are boys, some girls, one's a punk! I'm looking forward to eating it as soon as … Read more Penguin Parade

Let there be light!

Over the past few weeks, Beech class has been making head torches and lanterns in Design Technology. The children designed either a head torch or lantern and worked out how to add their circuits to their torch. They made their own circuits with working switches. Every child made a working circuit and they worked really hard to … Read more Let there be light!

Beech – Half Term Science Homework

Many scientists have over the years contributed to our understanding of electricity. Visit and go through the decades to find out what was invented and by whom. For your homework, you are going to write a fact file about Thomas Edison who is credited with a very famous invention. Use the fact file sheet to … Read more Beech – Half Term Science Homework