Healthy Sandwiches

This term in DT Maple class have been discussing what makes a healthy sandwich. The children tried out different types of bread in order to choose their favourites. We then discussed what ingredients we could include in our sandwich to make it healthy. This lead us to looking at healthy and unhealthy foods and how … Read more Healthy Sandwiches

Marvellous Maths

This week, Maple have been revising their knowledge of place value in Maths. We have been learning where to place 3-digit numbers on a number line and using place value to order and compare numbers.  Today, the children were challenged to work in pairs to solve investigative questions. It took a lot of discussion, as … Read more Marvellous Maths

Maple get reporting!

This half term in English, Maple class have been learning about the features of non-chronological reports, or information texts. We started by reading some non-fiction books on various sports and discussed the common features.  The children were then set the task to reasearch a sport of their choice and make notes which they would use … Read more Maple get reporting!

Stable structures

In Design Technology this term Maple have been looking at examples of stable structures. We evaluated examples of picture frames and hope to design and make our own picture frame later in the term. On Friday, Maple were set the challenge of creating a strong and stable structure using only newspaper; we were surprised to … Read more Stable structures

Investigating soil

This term our Science Topic in Maple has been Rocks and Soils. We have already learnt about the differences between man-made and natural rocks and can name the three types of rocks, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic, and how they are formed. Recently we looked at fossils and how they are formed. We were amazed to find … Read more Investigating soil