Class 1R have been designing their own puppets in Design Technology lessons. They looked at different types of puppets and the materials they are made from. They then designed their own puppet based on favourite characters. We had everything from mermaids to firemen! Next week the children are going to make their puppets using sugar … Read more Puppets!

Class 1R’s Teddy Bears Picnic

On Friday afternoon Class 1R and their teddies were invited to a Teddy Bears Picnic on the school field. The children enjoyed taking part in teddy bear races, games, songs and a picnic. They tucked into Billy Bear sandwiches, Pom Bear crisps and Gummi bears!Everyone had a lovely time in the sunshine!


Class 1R have been patiently waiting for their caterpillars to transform into butterflies.Over the last few weeks we have watched the caterpillars grow and grow. They eventually hung upside down in their little pot and then shed their exoskeletons, revealing the chrysalises. A few days later the butterflies pushed their way out of the chrysalises. … Read more Butterflies!

Victorian toys

Class 1R have been learning about the Victorian period in History. This week the children have been looking at Victorian toys and comparing them to the toys we play with today.The toys included a spinning top, a pop gun, Jacob’s ladder, a hobby horse and a tumbling man. The children noticed how none of the … Read more Victorian toys

ICT work

Class 1R have been finding out that ICT involves more than just computers! The children were asked to bring remote control toys and hand held gaming devices into school today for a special ICT lesson. They had fun exploring the equipment and finding out how to use the different features on the toys and games. … Read more ICT work

World Book Day!

All the pupils were invited to come to school today dressed as their favourite book character to celebrate World Book Day. Class 1R looked fantastic in their costumes. Can you spot Fantastic Mr Fox, Spiderman, Jessie and all the Disney princesses in the photos?!