NHSSP Hitchin Schools Athletics Championships

After two years of this competition being cancelled due to inclement weather, Thursday 19th June was a cool cloudy afternoon and just right to proceed with the event. Held at Hitchin Boy’s School only four out of the five schools were present. For the fifty children representing William Ransom and seventeen generous parents who had transported them it was an exciting afternoon.

The year 5 and 6 children in field events disappeared to the ball throwing and long jump and returned with news of good results. The first event that the spectators actually saw was the year 5 and 6 600m. Catherine won the year 5 girls race easily. Tyler’s race was much closer but he managed second place. Both Charlie and Bluebell in year 6 won easily.

The sprints followed on and the first opportunity for year 2 pupils to represent the school. Carys ran a magnificent 40m and came 2nd and Abigail had a fantastic race and won. Joseph came 4th and Samuel 3rd both boys had a very close competitive race. The year 3 50m saw a 3rd place for Jorja, 4th for Eve, and 1st for Armaan and Isaiah. 60 m for year 4 and 3rd for Bella, 2nd for Megan, 3rd for Artyom and 2nd for Feranmi. Year 5 had to sprint 70m and saw 3rd places for Halcyon, Ilyssa, Ben and Tyler. The 80 m for year 6 saw a 1st for Maddie 2nd for Bluebell, 4th for Kieran and 2nd for Craig.

With only the relays to go nobody really knew what the final outcome would be. The year 2 girls came 2nd, year 2 boys 1st, year 3 girls 3rd and year 3 boys 1st. year 4 girls 4th and year 4 boys 3rd. The year 5 girls were 1st the year 5 boys 3rd, the year 6 girls were 1st and the year 6 boys 3rd. A great show of talent but perhaps a little more practising with baton transfers! At least nobody from William Ransom dropped it and everybody kept in their lane so well done.

With everybody seated around the judges, the scores were announced. The William Ransom team were the winners and would go forward to represent the area at Ridlins in Stevenage on Tuesday 15th July from 12.30-3.15. This will be great opportunity to compete at a proper athletics ground, something to inspire those who aspire to taking athletics further.