Nine Joys of Spring by Class 5/6M

As part of our Literacy work, the pupils have been looking at some of the poems by Ted Hughes, and in particular, his use of figurative language. They read ‘The Seven Sorrows of Autumn’ and used this as a stimulus for their own poem, ‘The Nine Joys of Spring’.

The pupils worked in groups and we have taken one stanza from each group and combined them to produce this collaborative poem.

We hope you enjoy it.

The Nine Joys of Spring by Class 5/6M

The first joy of spring

Is the world’s resurrection,

The colour appearing on a paint palette

Or a burst of sudden life.

The second joy of spring

Is the birds tweeting in the morning

Like a peaceful song

And a shy hello from a newborn chick.

The third joy of spring

Is the glistening white snowdrop,

Bursting from its new, plump bud,

In the rolling, majestic parkland.

The fourth joy of spring

Is the chirping blackbirds

Singing in the morning of the new season

Busy building their nests,

Shaking the trees,

Gathering confetti for a wedding.

The fifth joy of spring

Is the warm welcome of the sprouting snowdrops,

Rising from the ashes

Of the sorrowful winter.

The sixth joy of spring

Is the vibrant, green grass,

Blowing in the wind,

With the essence of a daffodil

The fragrance of expensive perfume.

The seventh joy of spring

Are the flowers budding with life

Waking from their coma,

The sun emerging through blinding, white clouds.

The eighth joy of spring

Is the crystal clear sky,

Like shining diamonds

Glittering above your head.

The ninth joy of spring

Is the birds singing

As a choir

And the bright, blue sky,

Home to the mellow sun.